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Staples release

August 16, 2010
Staples Facility Solutions provides facility managers, school officials with floor maintenance strategies
FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – Few places present the challenge of maintaining floors in a high-traffic, low-budget situation like today’s schools. These facilities – from the elementary school level through college – are inundated with hundreds, if not thousands, of sneaker- and boot-clad feet and sliding desks and chairs each day.
This traffic and abuse to the flooring, coupled with educational facilities’ notoriously low maintenance budgets, demand that facility maintenance staffs put substantial prudence into their floor care strategy. Staples Facility Solutions, a Staples business and one of the country’s largest providers of facilities solutions and services, recently compiled a list of tips for facility managers and school officials that will help them maximize the time between floor and carpet replacement. These tips include:
• Do Your Homework: Not all flooring and carpeting are the same and therefore, not all cleaning procedures will be effective. In fact, the wrong procedures can result in a multitude of problems. For these reasons and more, facility managers and janitorial staff must do their homework and become familiar with the school’s multiple surfaces and how to maintain and protect these areas. Using the wrong chemical, equipment, or procedures can have the reverse effect on prolonging floor attributes and carpet surfaces appearance. Be sure to read all manufacturers’ labeling and consult a distributor or expert as needed.
• Continuing Education Classes: Remember to be sensitive to the fact that cleaning – especially in schools – is a very labor-intensive profession. In order to get the most out of janitorial staff and maximize investments, provide employees with informative educational sessions. Proper planning and procuring modern equipment and chemicals can only help extend floor finish cycles, carpet deep-cleanings, and long-term maintenance when used by trained professionals who understand the benefits of the cleaning programs.
• Best Offense is a Good Defense: Sports coaches often use the phrase, “The best offense is a good defense,” and the same can be true in maintaining today’s school floors. To extend the life of the floors, prolong floor finish, and delay deep-cleaning of carpeted areas, the placement of high-performance matting is the best defense a facility manager can put on the field. Strategically placed matting captures grit, sand, salt, and other matter found in nature that would otherwise be tracked into a building and cause scuff, knick and scratch marks that damage floor surfaces.