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SMA release 6.9

June 9, 2011

Paper Chemical Supply Company Joins Strategic Market Alliance (SMA)

Strategic Market Alliance (SMA) is pleased to announce that Paper Chemical Supply Company, headquartered in Savannah, Georgia, became a member of Strategic Market Alliance effective June 6, 2011. Paper Chemical Supply is a leading independent janitorial/sanitation/foodservice distributor in the Southeastern United States.

“The distributor owners of SMA welcome President Michael Peebles and his team to SMA,” said SMA Chief Executive Officer Richard McGann. “With locations in the Southeastern U.S. and their stated mission, Paper Chemical Supply fits very well with the vision and direction set forth by the distributor owners of SMA. It is our stated vision to be a catalyst in the supply channel, more closely aligned with our supplier partners to more effectively service local and multi-unit account customers. The addition of Paper Chemical to SMA will greatly enhance our ability as an organization to execute our goal.”

SMA is a member-owned cooperative comprised of leading North American janitorial, sanitation, and food service distributors. SMA serves as a catalyst for optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness within the supply channel by creating value - based solutions that drive sales, improve operating efficiencies and create more strategic business alliances.