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July 29, 2010
Allied – Eagle Supply Company Joins Strategic Market Alliance
Strategic Market Alliance (SMA) is pleased to announce that Allied-Eagle Supply Company has become a member of Strategic Market Alliance effective July 23, 2010. Allied-Eagle is a leading independent janitorial/sanitation distributor in the Midwest United States.
Allied – Eagle is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, with branch locations in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Toledo, Ohio.
“The distributor owners of SMA are excited to welcome Allied - Eagle to the SMA family,” said SMA Chief Executive Officer Richard McGann. “Allied - Eagle is considered a leader in their respective geographic and industry markets. The manner in which they conduct business, the caliber of their employees, their industry reputation and high ethics make them a perfect fit working alongside the current owner members of SMA.”
SMA is a member-owned cooperative comprised of leading North American janitorial, sanitation, food service and industrial packaging distributors. SMA serves as a catalyst for optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness within the supply channel by creating value - based solutions that drive sales, improve operating efficiencies and create more strategic business alliances.