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Silver anniversary for porcelain partner

November 15, 2010
ORLANDO, FL — Innovations in the toilet paper arena may not change the world, but they can certainly help people out in times of need, according to a press release.
One such creation — the Jumbo Roll Tissue (JRT) dispenser has forever changed the public restroom experience: Found in airports, restaurants, stadiums and other locations away from home, these outsized dispensers and seemingly endless rolls of TP have greatly curtailed those embarrassing "spare-a-square" moments when the toilet paper well runs dry, the release stated.
Last week, this iconic product marked its 25th anniversary and its manufacturer, Kimberly-Clark Professional, had much to celebrate, the release noted.
"JRT literally changed the course of restroom history," said Richard Thorne, vice president of Kimberly-Clark Professional North America.
"When people think of supply and demand, toilet paper doesn''t generally come to mind, but the JRT dispenser forever changed this equation — increasing the supply of toilet paper to meet the demands of busy public restrooms," Thorne added.
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