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SDA release

September 17, 2009
WASHINGTON – The Soap and Detergent Association (SDA - has unveiled a new online fact sheet that briefs consumers on an industry initiative that will provide more information than ever before on cleaning products and their ingredients.
The Consumer Product Ingredient Communication Initiative will take effect in January 2010. It is a voluntary program announced in 2008 by SDA and other industry associations representing cleaning and other consumer products.
The fact sheet summarizes the new initiative, which creates a uniform system for providing ingredient information to consumers in a meaningful and easy-to-understand way.
SDA unveiled its new fact sheet at the Annual Session of the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences in Birmingham, Alabama.
“Consumers now have at their fingertips an easy-to-reference fact sheet on how ingredient information will be displayed,” said Nancy Bock, SDA Vice President of Education. “The cleaning products industry is committed to providing consumers with information prior to and after purchase to ensure safe and proper use.”
The SDA Product Fact Sheet provides details on the new industry initiative, information on reading product labels correctly, what changes consumers can expect on product labeling and communications, and important reminders about using and disposing of products safely.
The Fact Sheet can be downloaded at