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School district seeks exemption from green cleaning mandate

February 24, 2010
BARLETT, IL — A new Illinois state mandate requiring schools to use only green cleaning products has led School District U-46 to seek an exemption, claiming the change creates a significant costs increase, according to the Bartlett Press.
According to the story, the Green Clean Schools Act was created in response to reports of health risks associated with traditional cleaning products, and marks a growing trend in state governments across the country.

Superintendent Jose Torres, however, is asking to be exempt from the mandate, saying the purchase of green supplies is costing the district an additional $100,000 annually, the story stated.

Parent Bev Jaszczurowski disagrees, saying: "The products that have harmful chemicals in them are known to cause more asthma attacks as well as other health issues with children — headaches included. This results in more time children are out of school, which in the long run costs the district money."

Supporters of the mandate say the switch can be made without a significant increase in costs, and that some schools are even using vinegar and water to clean, the story noted.

District U-46 is only the fourth out of 900 districts to claim the purchase of green products creates an economic hardship, the story added.

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