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School considers outsourcing and layoffs

April 9, 2009
NORTH ANDOVER, MA — The North Andover Public School System is looking for ways to save money and maximize their custodial department''s $2 million budget, $1.9 million of which covers the salaries of their 41 custodians, according to the Eagle-Tribune.
Next year''s budget calls for the layoff of at least 10 custodians, which would limit the ability of the remaining custodians to clean effectively, the story stated.
The custodial department is flirting with the idea of converting the cleaning operation to an every-other-day schedule to limit hours worked and minimize cleaning chemical consumption, the story noted.
The school system could save upwards of $850,000 a year by outsourcing its custodial staff, something it is considering, the story added.
School Committee member Brian Major said: "These days, we know we have to reposition how we''re delivering services and at what cost we''re delivering services. Everything''s on the table."
According to the story, union rules require the custodians be notified if the school system considers privatization of cleaning services and the schools must provide the union with an analysis of the potential savings so the union can try and better any deal offered by a private contractor.
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