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School board to hire cleanup crew

August 3, 2011

WESTPORT, MA — The school committee has agreed on the company that will be responsible for the cleanup of a PCB-contaminated middle school, according to The Herald News.

The company, Triumvirate Environmental, will be responsible for cleaning furniture, books and other contents, the article stated.

According to the article, in addition to PCBs in caulking around windows, in glue used to hold ceiling tiles in place and in the air, some asbestos was found in the glue used to hold the ceiling tiles in place.

Ross Hartmann, Triumvirate''s corporate director of field and engineering services, has said the company will remove caulk from around windows where a window repair project was begun, scrape as much of the glue as possible off the ceiling, ventilate the building and encapsulate any remaining traces of glue on the ceiling, the article noted.

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