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Scensible source release 5.18

May 18, 2012

Most women take their monthly trip down the feminine care aisle for themselves and their daughters for granted, but when a family is struggling to pay the grocery bills and rely on public assistance programs such as SNAP (formerly known as Food Stamps) these benefits cannot be used to purchase basic personal care items, including sanitary pads. Responses like “REALLY-I DIDN’T KNOW THAT” from friends, colleagues and family, led Ann Germanow the owner of The Scensible Source Company to sponsor PAD PARTY.

PAD PARTY was held May 15 at Shear Ego Salon and Spa in Rochester, NY. An unprecedented 100 women gathered at the inaugural event and the entrance fee was a box of feminine care products. Guests socialized, were treated to pampering services, and enjoyed refreshments.

All donations -2201 tampons, 2225 sanitary pads and 1550 panty liners, will be distributed through various nonprofit organizations that serve teens and women, who desperately need these items.

Janitorial supply distributors and building service contractors can do their part to create awareness to this problem and help women in their communities lead healthier lives by adding feminine care products to their charitable contributions and collection drives.

Sponsoring Pad Party is a natural fit for Germanow who is the inventor of Scensibles, a personal disposal bag for feminine care products. The SCENSIBLES System is steadily gaining acceptance as the most hygienic and environmentally friendly solution for feminine hygiene disposal in public-use women’s restrooms throughout the United States.