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SCA offers verified compostable paper products

February 24, 2012

WASHINGTON — SCA has announced that all of its paper towel and napkin products have been deemed "accepted" for commercial composting using Cedar Grove Composting standards, according to a press release.

SCA obtained acceptance of its paper towels and napkins from Cedar Grove Composting, a nationally recognized commercial composter and pioneer of compostable testing and product review, to ensure the product lifecycle from development, production, use and disposal remains environmentally responsible, the release stated.

According to the release, this documentation of all its paper towel and napkin products continues to strengthen SCA''s industry leadership in compostable away from home (AFH) products following the recent certification of Tork Universal and Advanced napkins by the Biodegradable Products Institute in August 2011.

"Verifying that our paper towels are compostable is the latest step in SCA''s ongoing commitment to sustainability," said Mike Kapalko, sustainability marketing manager of SCA Away-from-home (AFH) Professional Hygiene.

"As our customers across North America continue to incorporate sustainability into their operations, we want to ensure our products anticipate their needs and give them the ability to safely compost our paper towels and napkins in large scale facilities ultimately helping to lessen landfill waste," Kapalko added.

Cedar Grove reviews the materials to ensure they will properly break down in their commercial composting process, the release noted.

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