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Sani Seat Release

March 10, 2010

ASBURY PARK, NJNorth American Hygiene Inc., the worldwide provider of the Sani Seat totally hands-free hygienic toilet seat protection system, announced that their unique product was recently featured on an episode of the syndicated CBS television series "The Doctors." The segment, which aired on Friday, March 5, focused on how to best avoid coming in direct contact with bacteria and germs in public settings and highlighted the Sani Seat toilet seat system as noteworthy in helping to promote health and hygiene within public restroom environments.

Underscoring the important public safety aspect of maintaining clean, sanitary restrooms, North American Hygiene''s Executive Vice-President, Charles Stone, was gratified that their hygienic toilet seats have received worldwide, positive exposure on "The Doctors" program.

"Unfortunately, we live in an age where the next serious pandemic can spread with lightning speed," said Stone, "and we are pleased to have our Sani Seat hands-free toilet seat protection system recognized as part of the solution toward effectively controlling the potential spread of infectious diseases."

Sani Seat can replace any standard toilet seat and houses a driving mechanism that contains rolls of hygienic plastic film called Sani Wrap which encloses the seat in a sleeve-like clear cover. A wave of the hand in front of a digital sensor by the user activates the Sani Wrap to automatically travel around the seat and, during the process, the previously used plastic wrap is collected and destroyed in an enclosed area, eliminating any possibility of the soiled material being reused.

"There is now a big push to convert conventional public restrooms into ''hands-free'' environments that will help prevent the spread of communicable diseases," continued Stone, "and Sani Seat is a viable, cost-reducing component in these new, completely touch-free washrooms. That''s why Sani-Seat is being installed in all types of settings, from Chicago''s O''Hare International Airport to doctor and professional offices, health clubs, hotels, restaurants and even Little League fields. Wherever there is a public restroom, the installation of Sani Seat is appropriate."

More information about distributorship opportunities and how Sani Seat is promoting health and safety in public restrooms can be found by visiting their website at or by calling toll-free 1-888-813-9700.