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Rubbermaid donates cleaning equipment to school

February 5, 2009
WINCHESTER, VA — Rubbermaid Commercial Products recently donated more than $40,000 in merchandise to the Frederick County Public School District, according to the Northern Virginia Daily.
The district received 25 HYGEN microfiber cleaning carts with built-in flat head mops which use a split microfiber to trap and hold 95 percent of microorganisms, the story stated.
The detachable, flat mop head connects to a Flexi Frame and can be laundered up to 500 times, 200 times with bleach, before having to be replaced; the angled handle also holds a container where cleaning materials are stored and dispensed during mopping, the story noted.
Dale Patton, the school system''s coordinator of custodial operations, said: "It''s for them to clean smarter, not harder. I''ve used that for years but it''s really true ... it''s important that they have the machinery and tools to better do their work and make it easier and more efficient."
Rubbermaid wanted to conduct market research on the new system and partnered with the school to test the products in a real world environment; Rubbermaid held a training session for head custodians Wednesday at James Wood Middle School, the story added.
According to the district, they have already seen about $40,000 in savings after switching to microfiber mops for dry mopping and dusting.
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