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Revolutionary toilet helps eliminate prison drug use

March 11, 2009
COQUITLAM, BC, Canada — Some Canadian prisons are using a new toilet manufactured by Eastfield Ltd. to help prevent guards from being exposed to harmful bacteria and make good on their "zero tolerance" for prison drug use, according to the Globe and Mail.
The Drugloo, in essence a toilet mounted on top of a fish tank, is a $40,000 toilet that washes, sanitizes and automatically recovers contraband while eliminating the need for prison guards to rifle through excrement or perform body cavity searches, the story stated.
According to the story, the Drugloo''s recovery unit is a transparent tank at the base of the machine which a guard operates from behind laminated glass, using heavy-duty rubber gloves embedded into the machinery.
Sprayers uncover the evidence, and then an anti-microbial-concentrate dosing unit cleans up the drug package, killing any lingering bacterial spores, hepatitis or HIV, the story noted.
According to the Drugloo''s promotional literature, the evidence comes down a chute and plops right into a sealed evidence bag to be presented at a future hearing. Plausible deniability is destroyed along with the germs.
The Correctional Service of Canada and the Canada Border Services Agency are both patrons of the Drugloo, which also comes in a scaled-down version called the Drug Buggy Compact that fits in the trunk of a car and can be wheeled from location to location, the story added.
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