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Retired janitor still showing up for work

February 16, 2011
SAN FRANCISCO — The U.S. Department of Labor reports the average length of time a U.S. worker stays on the same job is three to five years, so when someone spends more than six decades in the same position, it''s pretty remarkable, according to KGO-TV.
"Riley Jameison has been the longest tenured state employee, as far as we can find from records. You just don''t come across that kind of dedication to the state," said Lt. Dane Lobb.
And, at a level we still have yet to reveal, because technically Jameison says, "I''m just here now. I''m off the books and on the retirement books."
Jameison''s official retirement date was December 31, 2010: The department held a party, a legendary one by California Highway Patrol (CHP) standards, and he walked out the front door, but there was just one small complication — the very next work day, Jameison came back, the article stated.
"I woke up the next morning, and without knowing anything I was coming in the parking lot," said Jameison.
Maybe it had something to do with the lure of his routine, but Jameison could not endure more than a weekend without missing the home sweet home away from home, filled with the tools of his trade, the article noted.
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