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Restroom opening draws a crowd

June 21, 2012

LUCAS, KS — The opening of the first public restroom in Lucas, Kansas, drew hundreds of visitors from as far as Pennsylvania and Washington DC, according to The Salina Journal.

The uniquely designed, toilet tank-shaped facility was designed as an art attraction with a functional purpose, the article stated.

According to the article, the grand opening of Bowl Plaza was the culmination of a four-year dream to build a downtown restroom in Lucas.

"We wanted the restroom to be strange, quirky and unusual," said Eric Abraham, a ceramic and porcelain artist who owns the Flying Pig Studio.

Quirky and unusual indeed: The rectangular men''s and women''s building is shaped like a toilet tank, and the oval-painted entrance resembles an upraised toilet seat lid, the article noted.

In the middle of an oval seating area in front of the restroom is a ceramic sculpture created by Abraham of swirling water that contains things one might accidently flush down a toilet, including keys, a toothbrush, cigarette pack, pocket watch, hairbrush and even an alligator, the article added.

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