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Restaurant chain a hygiene enforcer

March 23, 2011

AKRON, OH — Popular children''s restaurant chain Chuck E. Cheese''s has teamed up with Purell to increase hygiene and cleanliness in their restaurants, according to a press release.

"Our main goal at Chuck E. Cheese''s is to provide a fun place for families to create lifelong memories and a large part of that is letting family members concentrate on having a great time and not worry about the safety or cleanliness of their environment," said Richard Huston, executive vice president of CEC Entertainment Inc.

"By partnering with Purell and integrating the sanitation stations alongside our already rigorous cleaning requirements, we’re able to keep our focus on providing a fun, safe and clean environment for families and keep parents'' focus on creating positive, lifelong memories with their kids," Huston added.

According to the release, the restaurant chain''s commitment to a clean environment doesn''t stop at the hand sanitizers: The company also has strict standards when it comes to disinfection, ensuring that all game and play equipment is wiped down throughout the day and disinfected each night.

"Given the nature of Chuck E. Cheese''s, it''s crucial that we maintain a proactive approach to keeping our locations as clean and germ-free as possible," continued Huston.

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