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Report: 'Missed opportunities' for sustainability at Winter Olympics

February 9, 2010

VANCOUVER — The David Suzuki Foundation, a science-based Canadian environmental organization, released a report praising the organizers of the 2010 Winter Olympics for energy-efficient measures, but say they could have done more, according to Edie News.

According to the story, the report said that the building of energy-efficient venues, the use of clean energy and the focus on public transportation do help offset the carbon footprint of the Games, but felt that the organizers failed to leave long-term improvements to the area and to properly address the issue of climate change.

Paul Lingl, spokesperson for the foundation, said: "To date, the 2010 Olympic organizers haven''t made the most of their opportunities to tell the story of their climate initiatives to Canadians and the world."

The organizing committee said that they have taken a sustainable approach to the planning of the Games throughout the process, the story stated.

A spokesperson for the organizers said: "This is the first Olympic and Paralympic Games to take an integrated approach to forecasting, reducing, offsetting and publicly reporting its carbon footprint. We incorporated [Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design] LEED standards into venue design, construction and green principles and practices into our operations and events, with attention to transportation, waste management and food services."

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