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Recent storms bring record call volume to DKI

March 19, 2010
WOOD DALE, IL — DKI Services Corporation, the parent company of Disaster Kleenup International Inc., recently announced that due to the storms that brought heavy winds and severe rainfall through the Northeast last weekend, DKI has managed its largest volume of service requests to date, according to a press release.
DKI''s 24-hour Call Center began receiving calls from property owners who suffered damage as early as noon on Saturday, March 13, 2010, and the calls continued to increase throughout the weekend, the release stated.
The near-hurricane–force winds and heavy rain that toppled the Northeastern United States for three days caused power outages, tree damage and serious flooding for homeowners and business owners alike, the release noted.
Dale Sailer, president of DKI, said: "Due to the high concentration of DKI clients in the region, this is the largest catastrophe situation that DKI has experienced since the formal DKI claims program began in 1998. I am very pleased as to the level of service we have been able to provide our customers and the response from DKI Companies across the country. The DKI Support Team is handling the high level of calls remarkably well and the DKI Companies are working together in a manner seldom seen in other contractor organizations."
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