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Rail riders riled over restrooms

January 26, 2009
MESA, AZ — Metro''s decision not to provide public restrooms for fear of vandalism and increased maintenance expenses has many riders upset, according to The Arizona Republic.
Mesa''s Sycamore/Main station and central Phoenix''s Montebello/19th Avenue station are the hardest hit because there are little to no public restrooms available at the stops or in nearby hotels and restaurants, the story stated.
Some restaurants ignore the ''customers-only'' signs that hang over their restroom facilities and have even seen business increase as a result of allowing the public to use them, the story noted.
Rick Stephens, managing partner for JB''s, a restaurant in Phoenix, said: "It''s common courtesy to let someone use the bathroom. It''s too fine of a line. In today''s economy, I''m thankful for every customer who comes through the door."
While there are restroom facilities in the station buildings at every rail stop, they''re for Metro employees only, the story added.
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