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September 19, 2010

ProTeam® is recognized as the original innovator of lightweight commercial backpack vacuums. Through continued research and development, our mission is to be the premier manufacturer of high performance ergonomic vacuum cleaners for every commercial cleaner''s need or preference. Today we have 20 different vacuums for all cleaning applications.

Compact Power to Clean Better — New Super HalfVac™ HEPA

Moving fast. The new ProTeam® Super HalfVac HEPA has become an instant hit with cleaning professionals for its efficiency, effectiveness and ease of use. Super compact and powerful, the 9.8-pound hipstyle vacuum is designed for cleaning workers and challenges of any size. An ergonomic, versatile harness system allows the user to choose the most comfortable fit to take on any task. Innovative new Five Level Filtration captures carbon dust and other lingering indoor pollutants down to 0.3 microns in size. Bring productivity and indoor air quality to a whole new level, and rely on a three-year warranty on parts, labor, motor and body.

New ProTeam® Xover Floor Tool Outranks Industry Standard

Over 20 years ago, ProTeam® revolutionized the industry with more productive and effective cleaning by using a lightweight backpack vacuum. Now ProTeam unveils a new breakthrough tool with the same performance boost. The new ProTeam Xover Floor Tool is 44 percent more effective at removing dirt and soil than the industry standard tool. Built-in design features allow air to move evenly across the entire 14-inch length of the Xover tool, improving suction, soil removal and ease-of-use on both carpet and hard surfaces. The front edge of the shoe stays in better contact with the floor surface for optimal maneuverability. A shoe brush agitates the carpet for enhanced soil removal.

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