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September 19, 2010
Featured Companies:
CleanMaster Q.H. Technologies U.S. Products Cleaning Management Institute

The CMX-20 from CleanMaster

While CleanMaster''s CMX-20 is best known for revolutionizing rotary carpet cleaning, new brush attachments make transitioning from cleaning carpeted surfaces to hard-surface cleaning easier than ever before. It takes only seconds to spin off the Carpet Extraction Head and spin on a new Hard Surface Head. The Light-Duty Hard Floor Brush cleans stone, slate, terrazzo, tile or sealed concrete floors. The Medium-Duty Hard Floor Brush cleans stone, slate, terrazzo, tile or concrete floors, and is also ideal for one-step stripping of resilient floors. The Heavy-Duty Hard Floor Brush is for aggressive scrubbing of concrete and aggressive stripping of resilient floors.
Q.H. Technologies

TechniClean┬« — Housekeeping Management Software

Q.H. Technologies offers a system that can maintain quality, maximize your resources and reduce your operating budget. The TechniClean program helps housekeeping managers account for their expenditures and assess their cleaning methods. It accomplishes this task in a logical, systematic and cost-effective manner. Since the program is expandable and adaptable, it can keep pace with your changing facility''s renovations and housekeeping objectives. The only tool that can truly justify your housekeeping staff. TechniClean is the key to your housekeeping future.
U.S. Products

One machine for all floors

U.S. Products offers a way to maximize your cleaning potential and revenue with the King Cobra 1200 PRO. Its 1200 psi and 2.2 gpm pressure makes it possible to wash tile and grout or other hard surfaces more effectively than other hard surface cleaning methods available. Using one machine, users can professionally deep-clean carpets with adjustable pressure up to 500 psi and instant heat up to 200 degrees. The 1200 PRO is certified to the top Gold standard by CRI for tested and proven carpet cleaning performance.
Cleaning Management Institute

Custodial Technician
Training Program

Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) is a professional society dedicated to education, training, and career improvement for the facility maintenance industry. Establish best practices for your cleaning operation with CMI''s Custodial Technician Training Program. Custodians receive a complete, high quality training program focused on topics integral to daily facility upkeep. Each topic has a corresponding certification exam. Students who receive a passing grade on the exams are awarded a certificate by CMI. CMI''s Custodial Technician Training Program delivers useful, actionable information to your staff on how to improve your cleaning operation and make smarter decisions.

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