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September 19, 2010
CleanMaster Corporation Mary Moppins Rotobrush Spartan Chemical Company Inc.
CleanMaster Corporation

Clean Escalators And Moving Walkways Effortlessly

For over 25 years, TreadMaster has been the maintenance recommendation of escalator manufacturers worldwide. The ease of setup and take down makes cleaning escalator treads and moving walkways a "hands-off" job.

TreadMaster frees up personnel to perform other tasks while the machine is hard at work. The built-in vacuum system, easily replaceable, heavy-duty polishing pad and nylon-grit brush ensures complete and thorough cleaning.

One-step, automatic cleaning eliminates risky, manual cleaning procedures. The TreadMaster uses 98 percent less labor than conventional methods and cleans and polishes in one continuous motion while the powerful vacuum collects all residues, bringing treads back to the original luster.
Mary Moppins

Never Carry A Bucket Of Water Again

To be truly green, a cleaning tool must last to diminish landfill waste; be versatile so one tool can be used for many jobs; shorten labor time to cut costs; and be ergonomically designed to curtail job injury.

Mary Moppins'' wet floor mop utilizes terry cloth towels to mop floors, dust cobwebs and wash walls, ceilings and windows.

The mop head lasts several years and never needs rinsing, reducing water usage.

Simply pre-dampen the color-coded towels in their proper cleaning solution and never tote a bucket of water again.

Visit Mary Moppins online to learn more about the complete line of green cleaning tools and cleaners.


Go Green! Offer Clean Carpets, Clean Ducts, and Clean Dryer Vents.

You can improve your customers'' indoor air quality and offer a total indoor cleaning solution. Earn more on every stop!

  • One-person operated systems
  • Video inspection tools- jobs sell themselves
  • RotoMastersSM Certified Training
  • NEW RotoConnectSM networking community
  • QuickStart marketing kit
  • 24/7 tech support and more

With 55 million allergy and asthma sufferers,* air duct cleaning is in demand. Plus, help prevent fires with dryer vent cleaning. You can increase customer loyalty and your revenue.


Spartan Chemical Company Inc.

Spartan Supports Sustainability

An international manufacturer of maintenance products for 53 years, Spartan has always been proactively looking for new and unique ways to improve the sometimes challenging tasks of cleaning. We are committed to exploring new technologies and further advancing the sustainability of our specialty maintenance chemicals.

Green Solutions® products are environmentally preferable or reduced-risk products. Clean by Peroxy® is an all purpose, hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner. BioRenewables® products are made with ingredients derived from domestic agricultural and forestry materials. Consume® Nature''s Way products are designed for solving industrial waste, drain maintenance, spot removal and odor control problems. Clothesline Fresh™ products are an environmental approach to laundry care.

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