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Procter & Gamble sponsors Make-A-Messterpiece

September 23, 2009
GLENVIEW, IL — Make-A-Messterpiece, a creative arts studio, opened this week under the sponsorship of Procter & Gamble Company and their Bounty brand of paper towels, according to Reuters.
The 15,000-square-foot studio is the first in what could be hundreds of facilities that would allow Bounty to test new products in real-world situations where children are having fun and making messes, the story stated.
Eric Higgs, Bounty''s brand manager, said: "Chicago is one of our key markets and we thought that it would make a great place to start."
Though the exact amount of Procter & Gamble''s investment in Make-A-Messterpiece was not disclosed, company spokespersons say it is "a very healthy share" of Bounty''s marketing spending, the story noted.
According to the story, the art studio is the brainchild of Ryan FitzSimons, founder and chief executive of Gigunda Group Inc., which specializes in experiential marketing, including the free Charmin brand toilet paper restrooms open during the winter in New York''s Times Square.
Bounty''s sponsorship of Make-A-Messterpiece is initially for 60 days, after which time the company will decide if and how to move forward with their sponsorship, the story added.
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