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Procter & Gamble's president of global media to retire

July 13, 2009
CINCINNATI — The vice president of global media and communication for Procter & Gamble Company is set to retire September 30, according to the Business Courier of Cincinnati.
Bernard Glock will hand his 23-year title over to Dina Howell, general manager of global marketing and Stewart Atkinson, manager of global marketing purchases, the story stated.
Howell, under the new title of vice president of global media and brand operations, will be responsible for developing global best practices for media, communications planning, branded entertainment, talent management and sports and event marketing, the story noted.
Atkinson will take over global communications with media and public relations firms in addition to his marketing responsibilities, the story added.
According to the story, both Howell and Atkinson will report to Marc Pritchard, head of global brand building.
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