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September 19, 2010

The First Pass Promise

Maintaining a fresh and clean workplace environment greatly contributes to its presentation, but this doesn''t have to be a cumbersome task. If you''re seeking an efficient solution to achieve a fresh and clean workplace, consider Procter & Gamble Professional products that help get the job done right the first time. Febreze refreshes upholstery, carpets, drapes and rooms while Swiffer traps and locks dust, dirt and hair from a variety of hard surfaces. Visit to order a free trial kit and experience P&G Professional''s "First Pass Promise."

Feature Article

Defeat Dust and Odor
Tackling dust and odor is essential in delivering a clean, comfortable and welcoming environment, but you need efficient tools and products that get the job done right the first time, every time.

Click here to read the article on helpful solutions for eliminating tough odor and dust.

Quick Reference Guides on Cleaning Procedures

Need quick and easy tips to make your professional cleaning procedures more efficient? Check out the following links to access a comprehensive set of quick-reference guides for a consistently clean and safe environment:

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What is Dust Anyway?

Dust is the collective term for minute solid particles, both organic and inorganic, that collect in our homes, offices, cars—basically everywhere people live. Dust comes from a variety of sources including soil, pollen, human skin cells, textile fibers, animal hairs and many other materials found in the environment. The majority of dust is made up from shed skin cells. That''s why the high-traffic areas of a business have the most dust.

Factors in dust composition:

  • Season
  • Building materials
  • Quantity of furniture and carpets
  • Ventilation and heating systems
  • Activities within a room
  • Cleaning habits

Because dust can become airborne easily, extra care should be used when cleaning to avoid moving dust particles around. One of the best ways to eliminate dust is to clean with a textured cloth that traps dust in, like those available from Swiffer.

The Science of Fresh

Unlike other odor-eliminating solutions, Febreze goes to the source, locking onto odor molecules and eliminating them for good. The highly effective Febreze formula contains a patented binding technology. When sprayed onto fabric and dry, the odors are gone for good, leaving behind only a light, fresh scent.

The following animation demonstrates the patented technology of Febreze.

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