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Pro Clean achieves CIMS certification with Honors

October 23, 2009
ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL — ISSA recently announced that Pro Clean Inc. has achieved Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) certification with Honors, an international certification that applies to the management, operations and performance systems of cleaning organizations, according to a press release.
According to the release, Pro Clean is the second cleaning company in the state of Florida to become CIMS-certified and is one of 45 certified organizations nationally.
CIMS-certified organizations must undergo a comprehensive assessment of management and operational execution and demonstrate compliance within five core principles: Quality systems; service delivery; human resources; health, safety and environmental stewardship; and management commitment, the release stated.
Pro Clean President Don Zerivitz said: "We wanted to be one of the first companies in the southeast to become CIMS certified. When national organizations like State Farm and the U.S. Army won’t even consider you without it, we knew that CIMS was here to stay and that we needed certification. CIMS is similar to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification within the manufacturing industry. It proves that we have the systems and standards in place to provide exemplary service. It also allows us to add value to our service without raising our prices, which customers are demanding in today''s economy. CIMS certification is a rigorous and time consuming process. After five months of preparation, we had the CIMS assessor here in our offices, looking through our files, interviewing our customers, managers and office cleaners … it makes you feel exposed. It was very validating and rewarding when we passed with honors. I''m proud of my employees and company."
As part of the certification process, an independent, accredited assessor conducted on-site reviews of Pro Clean''s systems, processes and documentation, the release noted.
The assessor also visited randomly selected Pro Clean customers to ensure that the company''s activities are consistent with its documented systems and processes, the release added.
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