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January 13, 2011
Top Ten Ways Janitors Can Stay Healthy This Winter
Fort Worth, TX - One of the unique things about the professional cleaning industry is that it is still made up of thousands of sole proprietors many with few, if any, workers.
However, there is a significant operational issue with owning such a small company; if the sole proprietor gets sick, which is a bigger risk during the winter months, it can cause havoc, economic pain, and even result in the loss of an account.
To help prevent this, Gary Pelphrey, general manager of Powr-Flite, a leading manufacturer of professional cleaning equipment, provides the following "Top Ten Ways Janitors Can Stay Healthy This Winter":
1. Eat Well. Eat three well-balanced meals each day and try to avoid fast food.
2. Wash Your Hands. Wash your hands frequently while working, after removing gloves, using cleaning equipment, tools, and/or chemicals.
3. Wear gloves, goggles, and other protective clothing when working.
4. Avoid inhaling chemical fumes; if mixing chemicals, do so in a well-ventilated area.
5. Get Plenty of Sleep. Try to make your hours consistent, getting home and to bed at about the same time each evening improves sleep.
6. Take a Multi-vitamin. Some people believe in vitamins, some don''t. But, if taken as directed, vitamins may be able to help keep you healthy.
7. Get a Flu Shot.
8. Have a Weekend. To keep the body strong and healthy, it is very important to have a day or two off each week.
9. Drink Lots of Fluids. Drink plenty of water and juices while at work. If you think you are getting sick, drink even more. Some studies indicate drinking extra fluids at the first signs of an illness can help it pass through your system faster.
10. Select more advanced cleaning equipment, which is designed to make your job easier and help keep you healthy.
"Finally lighten-up and stay happy," adds Pelphrey. "Study after study indicates that people that have a positive, happy attitude towards life often have a stronger immune system."
About Powr-Flite Direct
Established more than 40 years ago, Powr-Flite manufactures a full line of floor-care equipment and carpet extractors for the professional cleaning industry. Based in Fort Worth, TX, the company has over 20 patented designs and its products are recognized throughout the world for their innovation, durability, quality and performance. Their products are marketed directly to end-use customers as well as through distributors throughout the North America, Europe and the Far East.