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PCHS release 1.19

January 19, 2012

Kaivac Named Preferred Product of Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PCHS)

Reno NV - The Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PCHS) Consortium – a national non-profit organization of facility professionals dedicated to helping its members produce healthy, high performance schools while protecting jobs in budget-constrained environments – has selected Kaivac spray-and-vac equipment as a Preferred Product.

“Spray-and-vac cleaning systems deliver a fresh cleaning and sanitizing solution above floors and to the restroom floor via a spray gun. After proper dwell time, the solution is extracted by vacuum into a waste container housed in the machine,” said Rex Morrison, Founder of PCHS. “Studies show this approach to cleaning is 60 times more effective in reducing bacterial contamination on typical floors than conventional methods: spray-and-vac systems demonstrated a cleaning efficiency of 98% on both the tile surface and the grout line. It also increased our productivity significantly.”

Morrison continues: “Spray-and-vac technology thoroughly removes contaminants to help eliminate odors and reduce the risk of disease. Plus, workers do not need to crawl around restroom floors, wiping contaminated fixtures and surfaces by hand.”

The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) awarded “High-Traction” product certification to Kaivac’s No-Touch Cleaning® System, making it the only spray-and-vac product to receive the certification, Morrison notes.

Based on time and motion studies involving different tools and processes in the industry, Morrison promotes the use of microfiber, backpack vacuums, green cleaning, and spray-and-vac technology for cleaning classrooms and restrooms.

PCHS seeks to deliver a health-centric, fiscally disciplined, dynamic, unique, proven system of cleaning and operations to make school districts safer for students and staff, while increasing attendance, learning and long-term funding.

PCHS uses non-proprietary tools and greener methods, and - wherever possible - domestically-made products to achieve its goals and level the playing field for in-house and contracted operations alike, resulting in more germ-free student and staff spaces at a significant savings to the taxpayer and school district.

For more information, visit or contact Rex Morrison at