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Patriotic custodian honored with American flag

May 19, 2009
AUSTIN, TX — For the past few years, the longtime custodian at Anderson High School has cared for the American flag by raising it in the morning and lowering and storing it overnight, according to the Community Impact.
Following a national custom of flying the Stars and Stripes from sunrise to sunset, Angie Pulido feels she is honoring her father, a World War II veteran and former prisoner of war (POW), every time she handles the flag, the story stated.
Pulido said: "[My father] would say, ''You respect that flag and you remember me and salute it.'' To me, it’s an honor."
On Friday, May 15, Pulido lowered the flag for the final time at the campus, which is retiring the flag for a new all-weather flag that will not have to be raised and lowered each day, the story noted.
For her attention in caring for it, Anderson High School gave Pulido the retired flag, which she said she will store in a case to preserve and admire it, the story added.
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