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February 1, 2011

Green Cleaning Simplified
When it comes to complete cleaning programs, PAK-IT LLC gives you Green Cleaning Simplified. Our patented water-soluble PAK-ITS concentrate pouches are pre-measured to make cleaning as easy as 1-2-3.

1- Just drop a PAK-IT concentrate packet into a bottle, mop bucket or autoscrubber
2- Add warm water
3- Wait a minute and you''re ready to clean

Training Simplified
PAK-ITS simplify training by providing OSHA-approved color-coded bottles that match the color of the chemical packets. The packets dissolve completely in water, so there''s no cutting or pouring and your employees are not exposed to harmful chemicals. Since they''re pre-measured, PAK-ITS offer perfect portion control every time — no wasted chemicals!

A Total Green Cleaning Solution
Our EarthWise chemicals are recognized by DfE for safer chemistry. Our delivery system helps to reduce the amount of plastic bottles that go to landfills by up to 90%. And PAK-ITS light weight means reduced transportation requirements — creating less greenhouse gases.

Join the national facilities managers and BSCs who are already saving 30 to 50% on their cleaning costs with PAK-IT.

Green Cleaning for all your Requirements
PAK-IT can supply all your cleaning needs:

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New Traction-Pak Anti-Slip Floor Care Product
We''re excited to introduce our new Traction-Pak anti-slip floor care product. Traction-Pak increases the coefficient of friction on slippery surfaces as it cleans and polishes floors. Traction-Pak revitalizes finishes on vinyl, linoleum, asphalt tile, terrazzo and more. It''s an essential part of any floor care program where slips and falls are a concern. And Traction-Pak creates no build-up on your floors, keeping them shiny…and safe!

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