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Official label for bio-based products launched

January 24, 2011
WASHINGTON — Products made with renewable materials in the U.S. now have a label they can carry to show their bio-based content, according to GreenBiz.
A new program from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) allows companies to certify how much bio-based content their products and packaging have, and show that on a special label, the article stated.
The voluntary labeling program is an extension of the department''s BioPreferred program, which previously focused just on highlighting bio-based products for preferential government purchasing, the article noted.
Products can carry the label if they contain a minimum of 25 percent content that falls under the wide swath of renewable plant, forestry, animal and marine materials, the article added.
According to the article, the USDA received comments during the development of the program that criticized the low threshold and instead called for setting 50 percent as the minimum.
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