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Now That Is A Shiny Floor

March 23, 2011

A mirror-like finish on a floor makes me warm and tingly inside.

Upon my recently entering the main lobby of a market-leading JanSan manufacturer, I noticed the cold Wisconsin wind had rustled my mane and it was unkempt in comparison to the perfectly sculpted hairdo I had leaving the hotel.

There was no mirror in the lobby; there didn''t need to be.

The floors in this building were so shiny that, had I eaten it, I could have picked asparagus out of my teeth.

Immaculate floors are to be expected in a building occupied by a manufacturer of various floor care equipment and chemicals.

But, I am of the opinion that the goal of every facilities manager or building service contractor tasked with cleaning and maintaining hard surface floors should be to “wow the food remnants out of visitors'' teeth.”

As Carl Reeder, superstar of the new Basic and Advanced Floor Care videos from the Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) says, “Floors are the windows into a facility.”

While this line is tongue-in-cheek, it is — if you can get past the ironic humor — a great assessment.

Much like restrooms offer insight to the cleanliness of the entire facility, shiny, spot-free floors speak to building occupants, telling them the custodial professionals in this building take pride in their work.

CM/Spotlight: Hard Floor Care

It is again time for our annual issue focusing on the various aspects of cleaning and maintaining hard floors.

Hard floor cleaning and maintenance procedures are quickly evolving with the emergence of new technologies and an increasing awareness of environmental concerns.

Managers, supervisors, building occupants and customers all have higher expectations today than in the past and demand that hard floors not only shine and be clean, but also be safe and easy to maintain.

According to Wm R. Griffin, president of Cleaning Consultant Services Inc., we are literally seeing the dawn of a new era in hard floor care.

“The processes, products and surfaces we clean, maintain and restore are evolving rapidly right before our eyes,” states Griffin. “More importantly, the value of proper cleaning and maintenance of today''s floor coverings is being recognized as a necessary component of a safe, healthy and well-run facility.”

With expert analysis from industry consultants and insights from manufacturers and end-users, this month''s content is designed to provide you with some intriguing and implementable ideas to help cut costs without sacrificing results.

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