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November <I>CMM</I>: High-powered Hygienic Hand Dryers

December 7, 2009
The November issue of Cleaning & Maintenance Management® magazine is now available online, featuring Managing Editor Aaron Baunee''s "High-powered Hygienic Hand Dryers" article.
Baunee states that instead of trying to evaporate those droplets — the means to an end employed by outdated dryers — high-velocity hand dryers blow away water droplets using a focused, high-velocity air stream.
He notes that contemporary hand dryers are highly customizable with various color options — some manufacturers even allow pictures, company logos and other personalization.
Baunee adds that in addition to producing less waste, today''s hand dryers are hygienic and essentially maintenance-free.
According to Baunee, when selecting a hand dryer for your facilities, four attributes should be examined: Efficiency, cost savings, reliability and likeability.
Bill Gagnon, director of marketing for Excel Dryer Inc., said: "Look for hand dryers that have a proven history of low maintenance and high reliability. The new generation of hand dryers operate efficiently [and] dry hands rapidly and thoroughly. Ultimately, hand dryers should satisfy the needs of both facility managers and patrons."
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