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North America's largest green wall unveiled

October 11, 2010
KENNETT SQUARE, PA — The state of Pennsylvania is again home to North America''s largest green wall after the unveiling of the vegatative structure at historic Longwood Gardens, according to Construction Digital.
Designed and built by GSky Plant Systems with collaboration from Ambius, the 4,072-square-foot wall consists of 47,000 individual plants, the story stated.
According to the story, the plants provide the same amount of oxygen as 90 14-foot-tall trees and will clean over 15,000 pounds of dust and other particulates from the air every year.
The plants are watered through a 3,800-foot vertical drip irrigation system that relies on a computer monitoring system to track usage and irrigation needs, the story noted.
Longwood Gardens Director Paul Redman said: "The green wall is an extraordinary addition to Longwood. The size and beauty of the green wall will amaze our guests as well as advance our continuing commitment to sound environmental practices."
The previous holder of the largest green wall in North America was the PNC Bank building in Pittsburgh, the story added.
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