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No more squatting in women's restrooms

June 23, 2009
ERIE, PA — Women visiting the restroom at Presque Isle Downs & Casino have one less thing to worry about now that high-tech electronic sanitary toilet seats have been installed, according to the Erie Times-News.
Delray Beach, FL-based Brill Hygienic Products Inc. manufactures the toilet seats that, with the push of a button or a wave of one''s hand over the motion sensor, dispense a clear plastic sheet that costs fewer than five cents and covers the seat, the story stated.
According to the story, the toilet seats eliminate the need to waste money and cover a seat with toilet paper in hopes of creating a germ barrier between one''s bottom and the dirty seat.
Brill Hygienic Products President Alan Brill personally oversaw the installation, trained the housekeeping staff on how to install the plastic rolls and performed a little public relations with customers, urging them to try his product, the story noted.
According to Brill, his company pays for the electronic seats, installation and training; he only charges for the plastic covers that come in rolls of 100.
Plastic rolls out of a dispenser on one side of the seat and rotates counterclockwise around the seat, and when the unit is activated, an encased razor blade cuts the used plastic as it rotates onto a roll on the opposite side, the story added.
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