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New Branding For The New Year

November 10, 2011

When things remain stagnant for too long, messages are overlooked and people become somewhat bored.

Especially in this day and age of incessant status updates and other constant communication through social networks, the populace demands things stay fresh and new.

So, in following suit, many companies and organizations are undergoing rebranding efforts that better speak to their aims by conveying more acute messages to patrons and potential customers.

ISSA recently unveiled a new logo and tagline, "Advancing Clean. Driving Innovation."

On top of public relations and other media campaigns to spread the good word, the branding change was no more visible than at the 2011 ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America trade show recently held at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Decked out with banners and signs directing attendees where to walk, sit and chat, the show floor was a beacon of branding — and rebranding.

ISSA is not the only organization to shake things up.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has undergone a complete public relations transformation.

Now called The Clean Trust, the former IICRC hopes to continue educating and certifying professional cleaners and remediators, but also delve more deeply into consumer education and awareness.

There are supporters and deniers of changes in branding.

Some feel that change is a necessary function of business growth, while others see the negative aspects of added expenses from logo and invoice tweaks and educating the masses of the change.

What Do You Think?

Aside from ISSA and The Clean Trust, many other companies and organizations either updated their taglines and logos or altogether changed their branding.

Is there a particular rebranding effort you favor or one you absolutely detest?

Maybe you survived a rebranding campaign with your company and have some words of wisdom to help others weather the public relations storm.

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