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Much ado about flooring

November 11, 2009
CHICAGO — A survey recently commissioned by Tornado® Industries Inc. asked 110 facility managers if they are more likely to install hard-surface or carpeted floor coverings, according to a press release.
When asked which type of hard-surface flooring is most often installed, 43 percent selected ceramic tile, 29 percent chose laminates like linoleum and 28 percent picked vinyl tile, the release stated.
According to the release, when asked if their facilities had been installing more hard-surface flooring instead of carpeted floors in recent years, 43 percent of survey respondents said yes; 57 percent indicated no.
Twenty-five percent of survey respondents said both types of floor coverings "require about the same amount of time and attention," about 17 percent said hard-surface floors take more time to clean than carpeting, 42 percent said carpeting takes more time to clean compared to hard-surface flooring and 17 percent were indifferent, the release noted.
The survey, which found that managers were evenly divided as to whether a hard or soft covering was more environmentally friendly, did not pinpoint why one type of covering is more popular than another, the release added.
Jolynn Kennedy, marketing manager for Tornado, said: "[Trends in floor care selection] are like a pendulum swinging from right to left. For a while, one type of covering is popular, and then it moves in the opposite direction. We also asked the [facility] managers what their two biggest hard-floor cleaning challenges are. At the top of the list were concerns about costs (38 percent). This was followed by concerns about slip-and-fall accidents (33 percent) and grout cleaning (29 percent), which can be a real challenge if the right tools and equipment are not used."
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