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Mortality rate from <i>C. diff</i> hits 17 percent at hospital

March 2, 2012

BURNABY, BRITISH COLUMBIA — After at least 84 deaths have been recorded at Burnaby General Hospital in the past 30 months, prompting senior physicians to finally sound the proverbial alarm over Clostridium difficile (C. diff), according to the Times Columnist.

Members of the hospital’s infection control committee say the current practices are "a serious hazard to the patient population" at best, the story stated.

There have been a total of 473 serious cases of C. diff recorded at the hospital since 2009, making the mortality rate from infected penitents a staggering 17 percent, the story noted.

Fraser Health Vice President of Medicine Dr. Andrew Webb said: "We have been making significant strides to reduce the incidence of [C. diff] and associated morbidity and mortality. We have a high rate of Clostridium difficile in Burnaby and we accept that."

Prevention measures have ranged from isolating infected patients to increasing cleaning procedures and shutting down areas of the hospital in the event of an outbreak, the story added.

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