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Moldy dream home

January 15, 2009
AQUEBOGUE, NY — Negligence on the part of a home builder has left the Nydegger family''s $800,000 dream home plagued by mold and essentially unlivable, according to The Riverhead News-Review.
The family has filed a $3 million lawsuit against Westminster Communities Inc. and Riverhead Sound Associates, claiming they intentionally sold him a defective house and had no intentions of fixing any of the problems, the story stated.
Large cracks in the foundation have left the home susceptible to water leakage and mold growth every time it rains, the story noted.
Brian Nydegger told the News-Review: "Once they did the mold test [in September], the industrial hygienist, they said get out of the house immediately, that we have unlivable mold contamination throughout our entire home. This was my dream home. I saved my money, I put half down and it''s all destroyed. Everything in my house is ruined. I''ve lost everything."
Very few insurance companies have mold coverage anymore due to the generally large size and severity of mold claims, so the Nydegger''s only hope for their home is to win the lawsuit, the story added.
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