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Mold delays move-in for some Duke students

August 24, 2009
DURHAM, NC — Move-in to the Edens dormitory at Duke University was delayed because of the discovery of common mold in the building''s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, according to The Chronicle, Duke University''s independent daily newspaper.
Custodians discovered the "crumbly, moss-like mold" August 13 and worked incessantly to ensure complete remediation before students moved in for the upcoming school year, the story stated.
Wayne Thomann, director of the Occupational and Environmental Safety Office at the university, said: "There was some particulate that came out of some of the diffusers. When I saw it, I was pretty sure what it was based on the particulate ... it was obviously a Cladosporium species."
According to the story, mold of the genus Cladosporium is allergenic, but most need not worry about having a reaction to exposure as the mold is commonly found outside.
Mold was found in Edens back in 2007, and after it was removed, a special coating was installed on ventilation ducts to prevent mold from returning, the story noted.
The Occupational and Environmental Safety Office, with the assistance of third-party professionals, performed indoor air quality tests to ensure the building was safe for human occupation before allowing students to formally move-in on Saturday, August 22, 2009, the story added.
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