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Meet America’s smallest LEED Platinum-certified manufacturer

April 17, 2012

KANSAS CITY — Posty Cards Inc., a manufacturer of business-to-business greeting cards, is now one of a handful of U.S.-based manufacturers to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification at the Platinum level, according to a press release.

Undergoing a recent expansion and renovation project, Posty Cards'' facility grew from 22,000 square feet to 45,000 square feet with a marginal five percent increase in energy use, the release stated.

Of the many sustainable attributes at the facility are photovoltaic solar panels that generate more than 11 percent of the energy consumed, the release noted.

According to the release, Posty Cards Inc. is, by far, the smallest company to ever earn the LEED Platinum designation, taking advantage of various federal and state incentives and tax credits to fund the expansion and renovation project.

Jenny Bloomfield Sciara, chair of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Central Plains Chapter, "It requires a great deal of work and dedication to obtain Platinum status, and I think it''s incredible that a small company cares so much about the environment. It is companies like Posty Cards that are making a difference in our world."

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