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May <I>CMM</I>: Saving money with CMMS

May 20, 2009
The May issue of CM/Cleaning & Maintenance Management® magazine is now available online, featuring Senior Editor Richard DiPaolo''s Saving money with CMMS article.
DiPaolo states that one way facility managers can save — without having to cut corners — is by investing in software, particularly in a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).
He notes that when properly designed and implemented, CMMS solutions provide a means for paperless data capture, electronic collaboration among work teams and intelligent data mining to support forecasting activities.
DiPaolo adds that generally, the success of your CMMS program will depend on three variables: Your homework, your ability to integrate newer technologies and employee buy-in.
According to DiPaolo, there are two camps when it comes to CMMS software: One recognizing the need for optimization, in order to cut costs, retain customers, help avoid lawsuits, etc.; and another that is not willing to invest and make the call to inquire about CMMS and would rather wait.
Click here to view the digital version of the May issue.