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Mark Reimers passes away leaving behind a strong industry legacy

June 17, 2010
BOISE, ID — ProTeam sadly announces the passing of Mark Reimers, an original leader of the vacuum company and key member of the executive management team for decades, according to a press release.
Mr. Reimers joined ProTeam at its inception to lead the development of the commercial sales organization, where he most recently served as senior vice president, the release noted.
According to the release, Reimers was a friend first, and a businessman second.
"Mark''s passing is felt deeply here, like a close member of the family. For over 20 years, he embodied the spirit, energy and passion that took this company from a start up to a global leader. Mark had Teutonic stubbornness, indefatigable perseverance and an innate belief in ProTeam and its products," said Matt Wood, ProTeam president and chief executive officer (CEO).
"He was responsible for getting this business off the ground. His legacy is built into the foundation of our company. We will always remember Mark''s contribution to ProTeam, both professionally and personally," Wood added.
"Mark''s endless thirst for knowledge and self-improvement set the pace for those who worked with him. He was never content with the status quo, always looking for better ways to do things and applying lessons learned. He was a great mentor, invaluable resource and wonderful friend to so many people, including me," Wood stated.
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