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Maintenance worker beating caught on tape

February 5, 2010

VALLEJO, CA — The severe beating of a Harold Cabral, a city maintenance worker, by dozens of teenagers was caught on tape by a passerby''s cell phone and security cameras at a nearby corner store, according to WNCT-TV.

According to the story, a teenager threw a rock at the maintenance worker''s vehicle, and when the worker got out of his vehicle to confront the teenager, he was swarmed by nearly 40 people, severely beaten and robbed.

The attack took place near Vallejo Senior High School — where students had just been let out of classes for the day — but police can''t confirm that students were the attackers, although many were witnesses, the story stated.
Cabral suffered a fractured skull, fractured jaw, broken teeth and a fractured collarbone in the attack, according to the Oakland Tribune.

Kamal Sandhu, owner of the nearby corner store, said that he calls the police multiple times a day in an attempt to control the crowds of students, the story noted.

Police are reviewing the footage as part of the investigation into the attack, the story added.

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