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April 4, 2012

Editor''s note:

A recent discussion on the Cleaning & Maintenance Management Online Bulletin Board pertained to the differences between floor finishes with high solids percentages and low solids percentages.

The conversation about the pros, cons and varying uses follows below.

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I think a great article for your magazine or for this Bulletin Board would be somebody explaining the differences, different uses and pros and cons for using 18 percent solids finish compared to a 25 percent to 30 percent solids finish.

Is anyone interested in providing this information?

Richard Wacker

It is not simply the percentage of the polymers in the wax, but what types of polymers are used.

Yes, a higher percentage of solids is better and can last longer between recoats by using a floor care program to match the wax.

With the higher solids, you can scrub and recoat rather than strip it down to the base layer.

It will cut down on how many coats you will need to put down and the shine will be there.

I hope this helps.

David Hebert

Fewer solids equal more water and usually more dry time.

I have used high solids finish that was junk and lower that was great; it is all in the polymers, not the percentage of them.

A higher percentage of solids usually means fewer coats down to make the floor last and give a good shine.

It is all in the maintenance program.

If you put a finish down that needs to be burnished on a regular schedule and do nothing, the finish will not last.

You first need to know how the floor will be maintained, and then one can apply the proper product.

By the way, I have seen companies that private label just add more water to a finish to change the percentage of solids then have a different label for this batch.


So, basically, what I''m getting from this is that the only way you should use low percent solids is if you are cheap and want to save a buck or two?

Richard Wacker

Basically, it is how much time you want to spend stripping and recoating. If you have the funds to do it more often, then you can use lower solid finishes.

However, they may yellow and not hold up.

I guarantee you will be waxing the floor every six months to a year.