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LEED not nearly enough

October 7, 2010
TORONTO — The way University of Toronto professor Danny Harvey sees it, we''re in a war to save the planet from its greatest enemy — us, according to the Daily Commercial News.
Buildings account for about 33 percent of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, which continue to grow despite the shifting trend to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification and other sustainable practices and, while positive, that transition isn''t happening fast enough, especially with existing buildings, the article stated.
"LEED Platinum, for example, offers a 50 percent energy saving over today''s standard building model," Harvey said.
"But hardly anyone applies for Platinum. Even so, we need to see energy reductions of 65 percent, 75 percent, even 80 percent," Harvey added.
According to the article, LEED has had an enormous impact on our thinking; but, decades from now, Harvey would like to see other innovations enshrined in national and provincial building codes mandating maximum energy efficiencies beyond what the highest level of LEED certification delivers today.
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