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Lead Handling Certification Offered

May 17, 2010
ANSONIA, CT — A new law went into effect in April that dramatically changes the game for contractors of every kind who are hired to renovate older homes. Called the RRP Rule, for "renovate, repair and paint," the law requires contractors who take jobs renovating homes built before 1978, before lead paint laws were enacted, to become certified in safe handling of lead-based paint, according to the Valley Independent Sentinel.
The certification involves an 8-hour course, taught by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-certified schools like the Institute of Environmental Management and Technology, the article noted.
The knowledge of lead handling is important for the painters, carpenters, electricians, plumbers and masons to learn, according to the EPA, because lead-based paint can become frail and start chipping into a fine dust, which can settle on surfaces including toys and floors, where children play, the article stated.
The EPA has certified 204 schools around the nation to offer the courses to the contractors and the brochure for renovators is available on the EPA website.
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