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Kimberly-Clark Professional launches The Healthy Schools Project

May 4, 2012

ROSWELL, GA — To help schools reduce absenteeism and transform into optimally healthy learning environments, Kimberly-Clark Professional has launched The Healthy Schools Project, according to a press release.

The Healthy Schools Project is a new program that delivers effective solutions designed to break the cycle of illness in schools, encouraging students, teachers and staff to practice good hand hygiene, the release stated.

"The Healthy Schools Project goes beyond the restroom to provide sustainable, hygienic product solutions for classrooms, cafeterias and common areas — all the places students take germs," said Richard Marriott, customer marketing manager for Kimberly-Clark Professional.

"The result could lead to reduced absenteeism and a healthier environment for students and staff," Marriott added.

According to the release, The Healthy Schools Project offers a simple-to-implement curriculum with unique materials and product solutions designed for each education level, including Super Germ Fighters, an interactive program for K-5.

Super Germ Fighters empowers children to fight germs in their classroom by delivering a hands-on experience that uses kid-friendly products such as non-alcohol sanitizers and no-kill wipes and posters and stickers to reinforce the importance of good hand hygiene habits, the release noted.

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