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Kaivac machines invaluable in flood cleanup

August 21, 2009
HAMILTON, OH — Recent storms have caused extensive flooding in many parts of the country, and in Western New York, the Eden Central School District was not immune, according to a press release.
Rainfall exceeding four inches per hour caused at least one school to flood and custodians turned to Kaivac Inc., developers of the No-Touch Cleaning™ system, for help, the release stated.
A custodian said: "Out came the [Kaivac] machines and we cleaned up the flood in no time. Without those machines, we would have [had] a lot more damage than we did."
According to Angelo Poneris, customer service representative for Valley Janitorial Supply Company, many facilities are caught off guard, not knowing exactly what to do when a flood occurs.
In the event of a possible flood event, Poneris suggests that custodial and maintenance crews: Take photos or make a video of the contents of a facility before a flood for verification purposes; review insurance policies, as some policies do not cover flood damage; store or have a backup of important records and accounting information off-site; and have a communication plan so staff will know when and how they can expect to hear from management, the release noted.
Poneris also suggests that custodial workers have an extensive cleanup plan in place should a flood happen, the release added.
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