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Justice for Janitors: 20 years

June 15, 2010
WASHINGTON — For two decades, Service Employees International Union''s (SEIU) Justice for Janitors (J4J) movement has helped low-wage workers who clean buildings in major cities and suburbs achieve social and economic justice and earn broad-based support from the public as well as religious, political and community leaders, according to SEIU.
With "One Industry, One Union, One Contract" serving as both a campaign slogan and an organizing strategy, the Justice for Janitors campaign coordinated efforts nationally and internationally to raise wages and increase basic benefits and job security for janitors, the article stated.
J4J successes of the past 20 years have employed visually creative and compelling tactics such as imagery of the exploitation of workers, demonstrations, street theater, hunger strikes, vigils and blockades — as well as community organizing, the article noted.
According to the article, the innovative Justice for Janitors campaign is one of the signature efforts that not only boosted SEIU''s profile as the union that stands up for the often-invisible, low-wage worker — it also helped to reinvigorate the labor movement, perfecting organizing tactics along the way.
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